We are A-Way Productions, a young, energetic and creative group. We consist of enthusiastic students and starters based in Groningen. Although none of us has a professional degree in the field of theatre-making, we carry a lot of experience with performing arts. It makes us motivated to make our productions the best we can. Our community contains both Dutch and international people. 

With our previous three productions, we tried to achieve an awareness in society around certain themes and taboos. Our first production, “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead” approached school-shootings. Furthermore, it discussed issues such as bullying and the pressure on teenagers to fit in.

In our second performance, called “Slaughterhouse-Five” focused on Billy Pilgrim, a former soldier. Billy became “unstuck in time” after his return from the battlefields in 1945. He suffers from PTSD and hallucinations, although he is perceived to be a war-hero.

In June 2018 we performed “Meet me in Montauk” . Based on the 2004 movie “Eternal Sunshine off the Spotless Mind”. MMIM dealt with themes that are familiar to everyone who has ever been in love, had a broken heart or broke a heart. In its core, the production is about real human connection and the happiness and pain that inevitably come with it.

Our project “Labyrinth of Lines” which we performed in June 2019, we addressed mental health issues and disorders. We especially focused upon the stigma on struggling with your mental health and the way it affects your loved ones.

Our 2020 performance “About Sophia”, which focused upon the notion of identity and truly knowing someone, unfortunately got cancelled due to the Corona-pandemic in 2020.

For 2021 we’re working on a longtime project about how the relationship between parents and children change when the children grow up. Again, we’ll be working mainly from own experiences and scientific research. Hopefully, One More Lullaby will premiere in July 2021.