In our new audio experience, called One More Lullaby, we question how the relationship between us and our parent(s) change when we grow up. Through music, spoken word and poetic fragments, we take the listener by the hand on our personal journey where we grow older ourselves, en see our parents grow older as well. We wander along nostalgic memories, painful confrontations and devastating losses. As a mosaic of stories, this audio experience is an ode to parents, it is one more lullaby before the shift to adulthood.

This heartfelt experience is written, directed, spoken and edited by members of A-Way Productions. Music is made with love by Esther de Jong,  Sébastian de Bone , Elçin Kurbanoglu & Özgür Akdeniz and Robert Danens.

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Directed by: Hesterliena Wolthuis & Benjamin de Graaff
Edited by: Robert Danens
Cast:  Bart Timmermans, Epameinontes Kazolis, Jaap Broekstra, Leo Vieler, Mariska de Bone, Nicky Palmans, Robert Danens.
Graphic design: Studio Lakris, Linn Helen Gundersen

OML Crew:  Benjamin de Graaff, Hesterliena Wolthuis, Fardau Mulder, Guniçen Deville, Lara Wouters, Mareike Seitz, Mariska de Bone


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