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Everyone deserves and needs to have a couple of good friends. If you want to be our friend, we would be eternally grateful and just simply a little bit more happy. For only €15,10 you’ll support us. And we’ll return some favors.

When you become our friend, you’ll :

  • Receive a 50% discount on tickets for our production.
  • Receive promo material, exclusively signed for you by our actors
  • Get exclusive invitations and inside information throughout the year
  • Stimulate and innovate cultural activities for a broad (international) audience
  • Keep A-Way Productions alive and financially sane

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    I hereby authorize A-Way Productions to deduct the above amount annually from my account by direct debit (incasso). The donation will be discontinued on October 1st, following the day the cancellation is received in our mailbox.

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    Do you want to support us, but have friends enough? You can always make a donation. This way you also support our productions and our ability to keep growing and make us extremely happy and grateful as well.